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Utility Services

Water & Sewer

The City of Ravenna is making significant upgrades to its municipal water system. Currently, the system is supplied by three wells with an average depth of 210 ft. Completed in 2014, the system is served by two wells with a maximum pumping capacity of 1,200 GPM and an additional 300,000 capacity water tower. The average daily demand is 270,000 gallons and the historic peak daily demand is 1,000,000 gallons. In 2015 Ravenna’s water system was upgraded to a 300,000 gallon water tower. A new well and new distribution lines were also installed to complete the water project. A minimum base rate for all water utilities is $24 per month. In addition to the minimum base rate, each user shall pay $1.50 for each 1,000 gallons used. Usage in excess of 100,000 gallons shall be at the rate of $1.25 for each 1,000 gallons used. The current maximum capacity is 2,380,000. The current sewer rate is $23 for the first 1,000 with an extra $1.00 for each additional 1,000 gallons. For information on water & sewer rates, please call City Hall at (308)452-3273. Click here for the "Utilities Application."


Ravenna is provided retail electric service by Nebraska Public Power District. For more information, call 1-877-ASK-NPPD (1-877-275-6773) or visit NPPD's website.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is supplied to Ravenna by Black Hills Energy through a four-inch transmission pipeline with an operating pressure of approximately 500 pounds per square inch. Black Hills Energy is also the distributor of natural gas within the community, serving approximately 500 residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Natural gas is available for residential and commercial uses. Availability of natural gas for industrial uses is subject to individual situations. As specific requirements of an industrial prospect become available, information on gas service availability and applicable rates can be obtained from Black Hill’s Energy Service Center at (888)890-5554 or by visiting the Black Hill’s Energy website.

Solid Waste Disposal

Curbside pick-up is provided by Ravenna Sanitation. Billing for waste removal is included with residents' water and sewer invoices. For more information about solid waste removal, please call City Hall at (308)452-3273.


Ravenna has a municipally owned single stream recycling trailer which accepts the following: glass bottles and jars, paper, tin, plastic #1, #2, #4 & #5, and plastic bags but NO cardboard. The trailer is located beside the Public Works building, 610 E. Syracuse St.